HonkyTonk Batch Rum Plantation Spice


Introducing our hand-blended premium spiced rum, inspired from heritage plantation flavours.

Inspired by his cultural roots, Fitz has for many years wanted to create a rum that family would be proud of, but would equally compliment his long-standing career in hospitality as a chef, proprietor and a wine and spirits merchant. Perfecting the final recipe he and his team have landed on a blend that recreates the flavours reminiscent of traditional plantation rum pots; with toasted coconut and a smoky, oaky heat that is refined with a sweet caramel and developing vanilla finish.

Straw-honey in colour, this rum is matured in aged American oak to help deliver a smooth, satisfying taste. Giving a nod to its heritage but
more out of courtesy than gratitude.

Often a misunderstood spirit category, this rum has been produced for a modern taste, to start a conversation about a historic liquor, in the only way Honkytonk knows how. By creating something special and satisfying, to enjoy sharing with the people you love.

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Tasting notes

A lightly oaked spiced rum, with hints of toasted coconut and Smokey heat that blends beautifully with rounded spice flavours, the palate finishes with sweeter caramel tones and developing vanilla.


50ml best over ice, with a slice of fresh Lime or Orange wedge, 125ml to 180ml of coke or ginger beer to help spices pop.

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